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What Is the Best Ultralight EDC Pocket Knife?

Benchmade Orange Mini Bugout, Spyderco K390 Dragonfly 2, and SOG Gold Ultra XR on a white background

Beefy overbuilt folders have their place, but sometimes you just want something that you can slip in your pocket and never notice it is there. The easier something is to carry, the more likely you will actually have it with you when you need to cut something, and thanks to modern manufacturing you can still get a lot of capability without a lot of weight. With many of these folders weighing less than 2.5 ounces – sometimes much less! – you’ve got no reason to never have a blade with you.

What’s the Best Knife with a Phillips Screwdriver?

Leatherman FREE K2 tools partially unfolded on table

We answer a lot of questions about knives here at the KnifeCenter, and we think it’s about time to start sharing our answers publicly for the whole internet to see. Today, we’re talking about Phillips screwdrivers on multitool knives, a frequently requested (and extremely useful) feature that can be hard to find. What are the best knives with Phillips screwdrivers? Read on to find out!

Victorinox Cadet

Victorinox Cadet partially unfolded, blue, on white background

The main challenge with finding a good Phillips screwdriver on a pocketknife is the thickness required. That X-shaped Phillips bit just doesn’t play well with a skinny folding knife form factor, but the first entry on this list has found a sneaky way around that limitation. If you want a lightweight, minimal multitool with a Phillips screwdriver without a lot of bulk, the Victorinox Cadet is the way to go.

If you take a quick glance at the Cadet, you’ll notice there’s no obvious Phillips driver to be seen. However, the engineers at Victorinox have a couple tricks up their sleeve: they’ve actually shaped the pointy tip of the file to fit small Phillips screws, and the flat tip of the can opener to fit some larger Phillips screws. Since the tools are flat, you won’t be able to exert a whole lot of torque, but it works great in a pinch and it’s certainly better than nothing! In exchange for the compromised screwdriving power of the Victorinox Cadet, you get a tool that is affordable, ultra-slim, and ultra-light, making it easy to carry just about anywhere. 

Gerber Armbar Drive

Gerber Armbar Drive partially unfolded, orange, on white background

Stepping up to a tool with a truly dedicated Phillips screwdriver, the Gerber Armbar Drive is new to the market this year and built with heavier use in mind. In addition to a one-handed locking main blade, awl, hammer, bottle opener, and scissors, the Gerber Armbar Drive has a fold-out screwdriver that accepts common ¼” bits. 

Like the popular Gerber Center Drive, the screwdriver on the Gerber Armbar Drive is engineered to keep the tool dead-center, making it feel and work more like a dedicated screwdriver than just about any other multitool out there—no awkward, lopsided twisting here, just unfold the driver and go! Plus, since you’re using a replaceable bit rather than an integral tool, there’s no need to worry about damaging the driver, and you can swap it out to fit the task at hand.

Leatherman FREE K2

Leatherman FREE K2 Stock Photo on white background

Stepping up from a budget-friendly import to a more premium USA-made option, the new Leatherman FREE K2 offers a nice step up in quality and usability. All tools, including the main blade, lock open and are accessible with one hand via Leatherman’s magnetic FREE system. It also features a deep carry pocket clip, which makes this a true pocketknife replacement, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Leatherman has been leading the multitool market since their first innovative products hit the market in the 1980s, and their legendary warranty has you covered should anything ever go awry. As an added bonus, the K2 is available in a selection of attractive colors including Evergreen, Navy Blue, and Crimson Red.

EOS Screw Blaster

EOS Aluminum bit driver on leather background

If you’d rather not compromise your everyday carry knife with a bulky Phillips screwdriver, consider the EOS Screw Blaster, a dedicated bit driver meant to stay out of the way on your keychain. Precision-made in the USA from anodized aluminum and very affordable at just $13.95, the Screw Blaster is an elegant solution for anyone who wants the ability to drive Phillips screws—or any other screw, for that matter—without lugging around the whole toolbox!

For More Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, Check Out This Video!

Value Deals at The KnifeCenter of the Internet

stuff under 5 dollars

In addition to the finest cutlery and outdoor items in the world, the KnifeCenter offers some very inexpensive items to our customers. Some customers ask us why we sell this type of merchandise. They think it’s junk and beneath us to sell. We do take pride in offering the best products available but we also offer products we feel are an amazing value. We spend a lot of time looking through thousands of products all the time to find the best items for the web site and when we see something that may not be top notch but is a great deal, we want to offer it to our customers.

Great EDC Self-Defense Items from KnifeCenter

Today, we’re going to talk about self-defense EDC items that you can find over at KnifeCenter.

The best self-defense items are things that hide in plain sight, and that’s why these self-defense money clips will fit the bill.

This money clip features aluminum construction with a stainless steel money clip on the back side and an integrated finger hole, so when it’s not holding your dollars, you can slip it over your fingers for a formidable presentation. You can also get this EDC money clip in a silver or black finish to suit your favorite style.

For something more aggressive, you can check out the Cold Steel Mini Koga Self-Defense Tool.

This is a kubaton, which means it’s a handheld stick with points on either end – not sharp points, they are blunted – that allows you to concentrate all the force of your strike into a single point, magnifying your power.

The 10 Highest Reviewed Folding Knives at KnifeCenter

We work very hard at Knife Center to provide you with everything you need to buy a knife, and our great customers often come through with additional information that makes choosing your next everyday carry easy. Check out our top ten highest reviewed folding knives, and then share your own reviews in the comments below!


Number Ten: Benchmade Hunt 15080-2 Crooked River Folding Knife



PROS: Sharpness, lock type, handle material, overall quality, pocket clip, ease of opening, handle feel, weight, lock ease of use, blade material

One of the best big Benchmades of all time. THIS is what a 21st century Buck 110 should be. The awesome wood scales, huge bolsters, and a blade that looks like a really wide 110 blade. Build quality is perfect. The action out of the box is perfect, it’s only the second knife I have ever bought that I have been able to say that about. The big 4-inch blade effortlessly swings out into lock up. This thing is SHARP! No need to pay to have someone bring the edge up to snuff, it’s already there. Even on both sides. AXIS locks up with no blade play, which surprised me since the blade is so big. This is the best Benchmade I have seen in a couple years. It’s an instant classic.” – Celticcross74

The Best Stocking Stuffers at KnifeCenter

There are only 14 shopping days until Christmas, so if you’ve gotten most of the gifts on your list squared away but find you’re in need of some great stocking stuffers, check out our list of the best stocking stuffers at KnifeCenter. Remember – if you’re behind on buying presents and still need some helpful suggestions, we’re running a ton of awesome Holiday Sales. Take advantage of some of the best holiday shopping deals we offer!


Tactical Christmas Stockings and Morale Patches

Of course, showing you a series of awesome stocking stuffers won’t do you any good if you don’t have a stocking to stuff in the first place. If you haven’t gotten in on these tactical stockings yet, there’s still time to have one delivered for Christmas Eve! These things are cool, they’re affordable (as low as $8.95), and best of all, you can deck them out with morale patches and any MOLLE gear you have on hand!


These Outdoor Knives are Great Gifts for Survivalists!

We’re featuring another round of great outdoor knives and survival gear that are awesome gift ideas, including handy tools that will make picking the perfect Christmas tree a cinch this year. Let us know in the comments what you think!


Victorinox Navy Camouflage Swiss Army Knives

We can safely say that we’ve never been bored by a Swiss Army multi-tool design, and the nautical camouflage pattern on this new collection of Victorinox knives continues that tradition. You’ll have your choice of Classic SD, Skipper and Huntsman models, which give you up to 14 integrated functions. This holiday season, skip the lame stuffers and add these to your family’s stockings. Multi-tools make great gifts for everyone, and these unique colors are sure to be a hit this holiday season.


Swiss Army Classics with Great Designs

Great New Designs in from Victorinox

The Swiss Army Classic is, well, a classic! It’s a simple knife made in Switzerland that can be carried on a key ring or in a purse or suit pocket with enough tools to get most jobs done. Victorinox has been releasing the Classic with some great designs every year and this makes it possible to give one of these great tools as a really nice gift. The price tag is still pretty low at $16.95 and these are just in time for Christmas!

What Does a 3.15″ Mini Karambit Look Like?


It’s compact, it’s useful and let’s be honest, it’s downright cute – any real man can admit that. Looking to add a useful karambit to your EDC or keyring? Check out our video where we show you just how much Fox KnivesMini-Ka folding karambit can handle.

Lots Of Specials! – Here’s a Breakdown on the Great Deals

Ok, we have a heck of a lot of specials going on at the same time. It can get confusing. Which ones are really cheap and which ones are just everyday sale items. I’m here to give you the inside scoop. First, let me point out that the reason for these lists is that we have so many items – the list is really enormous and so many of them are really great deals. We just want to help everyone get to what they are looking for and it’s not always easy. For instance: We just posted the “80 Items up to 80% Off- greatest sale ever” promotion. That’s a pretty big claim. Well, these items are hand picked as good items that we just happen to have too many on the shelf. We are willing to make just a bit on them to lighten up our inventory level for the end of the year. We are all in a buying mode right now and, as I say repeatedly, you have to make hay while the sun shines.

Then we have the flat rate shipping through today. Well, this is just a great deal.

We are running the Medford Sale that gives you some really solidly built knives at a reasonable price. Medford likes to price their product way