This weekend our special is the Kershaw Thistle, a robust EDC folder with a twist. This knife is highly affordable, highly ergonomic, and highly creative, so let’s see what it is that makes it so different.

Contrary to what your suspicions may be, the button is not for automatic deployment. This is strictly a manual opener, with the dual thumb studs providing an easy, responsive deployment using either the thumb or middle finger. It’s not a mindblowing action but it’s satisfying and quick. With the blade extended our big weird button now comes into play.

The blade is held in place with a liner lock, but you don’t deactivate it in the typical way. If you look in the handle here, a press of the button disengages the liner lock for you and lets the blade close down. This will take a little getting used to, I know the first few times I went to close the knife I instinctively reached over for the liner lock and was momentarily confused. You’ll also want to note that once you move the blade a little you can let go of the button. If you try to hold it continuously the other liner will actually block the blade and you won’t be able to close it down. It’s a different system, but once you wrap your head around it it’s pretty intuitive.

Beyond the exciting button situation, the Thistle is a really solid all-around knife. The handle is Zytel with the Kershaw K textured over it to enhance grip. It’s got an ergonomic shape that feels just about perfect in the hand and provides you with great leverage and a nice cutting angle. Pair that with the monster belly on the 3.25″ drop point blade and the Thistle delivers some terrific slicing performance. Another nice thing about this knife is that if you can get used to the push-button lock the whole package is very lefty friendly, thanks to the aforementioned dual thumb studs and a reversible, tip-up pocket clip.

All-in-all, the Kershaw Thistle is about as affordable as EDCs can get without sacrificing on functionality and performance, and the unique locking mechanism is just icing on the cake. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit