CRKT Carson folding knife on a bed of rocks and brush

m2102blogThis week we’re happy to bring you a knife from Kit Carson’s aluminum-handled line at a greater than 50% discount.  The lightness of the aluminum handle is one of the first things you’ll notice while handling this knife.  The second thing you’ll probably notice is how smoothly and quickly it deploys with the patented “Carson flipper”  – this despite having almost zero blade play.    And then of course there’s the blade itself – made of premium AUS8 steel in a non-reflective finish, the blade has a deep belly terminating in a spear point; in fact the design of the spear point blade is very similar to that of Japanese spears, which were designed with one purpose in mind – to go right in when thrust into anything.  You’ll have a hard time finding an EDC that matches the quality, craftsmanship, and features of this knife, especially at the price at which we’re offering it this weekend.  Get yours before they’re all gone!