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Behind every great meal, there’s a hardworking cook. And hardworking cooks deserve hardworking tools. Right now there’s more than 770 kitchen items on sale, from tongs and turners to cutting boards and carving sets. Read on to see our top sale picks for the hardworking cook in your life, including the most underrated – yet important – tool in the kitchen (other than a great knife, of course).

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro 7″ Chef’s Knife

If there’s a doorbuster deal on this list, it’s this Henckels Pro Chef’s knife for just $49.99. This is a quintessential chef’s knife: professional grade construction, time-tested design, and made by one of the most trusted brands in kitchen cutlery. In fact, Henckels has been making knives in Germany since 1731!

This 7″ Pro model is forged in their Solingen factory. We like it for its smooth, tapered bolster which has been redesigned to make it more comfortable to hold in the typical “pinch grip,” and allows easy resharpening of the entire edge. The 7 inch length should suit just about every chef, and would work particularly well in a smaller kitchen where cutting board space is at a premium.

Shun Classic 6.5″ Nakiri

The Nakiri is a Japanese style blade originally designed for thin, precise cuts through vegetables. Nakiri kitchen knives (sometimes referred to as vegetable cleavers) have exploded in popularity recently, as cooks around the world have caught on to how versatile they are and how much fun they are to use.

This Shun Classic Nakiri is a beautiful example of the form, made in Japan and on sale now for $114.95. It makes prep work a breeze with a thin, keen edge optimized for precise chopping. Julienne, dice, mince, and chiffonade with ease, thanks to a subtle texture in the layered blade that helps stubborn slices release instead of piling up against the knife as you cut.

Dragon by Yaxell 6.5″ Panini Knife

I know, I know what you’re thinking. A panini knife? How often do I eat a panini, let alone make one? Don’t let the name mislead you – this knife is not (just) for making sandwiches. The truth is, if you’re making a quick meal that doesn’t require a longer Chef’s knife for ingredient prep, the Yaxell Dragon Panini knife is the shortest path between you and a full stomach.

The unassuming Panini knife is a champion kitchen multi-tasker, as good at cleanly slicing a tomato (thanks to the gentle serrations which cut, not tear through delicate materials) as it is spreading jam on toast (thanks to the rounded, butterknife-like shape of the blade). Even if you’re already set with the kitchen knife essentials, you’ll be surprised how often you find yourself reaching for a Panini knife instead of the typical paring, chef’s or bread knives. The entire Dragon line from Yaxell is great, and $74.95 is a great price for the Japanese-made quality, BD1N blade steel, and linen Micarta handles you’re getting with the Yaxell Panini knife.

Messermeister Pro-Touch Egg Flipper

This is it: the most underrated tool in the kitchen. The Messermeister Pro-Touch Egg flipper, on sale now for just $8.96, will surprise you. Call it an egg flipper, fish turner, or anything else you please, but if you’re used to using a stiff metal or plastic spatula to cook with you’ll be shocked how much more articulate you can be with one of these.

The angle of the turner allows you to get under cooked-on foods like steak more gently, leaving more of the browning on the meat instead of in the pan. The slots allow fats to drain off of whatever you lift instead of pooling underneath, and its flexibility lets you deftly maneuver difficult items like sausages or pancakes without accidentally flinging them out of the pan.