Ed Schempp's Spyderco Persian 2 Pocket Knife
Ed Schempp’s Spyderco Persian 2 Pocket Knife

The folks at Spyderco have always had a fascination with historical knife styles from around the world-and a talent for bringing those designs into the 21st century. A great example of this is the Persian folder designed by custom knifemaker Ed Schempp and brought to reality by Spyderco founder/designer Sal Glesser. This knife is as beautiful to hold as it is to behold-and it is wickedly effective to use.

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More information from the manufacturer:

Custom knifemaker Ed Schempp has a talent for co-mingling indigenous and ethnic cutlery styles with American knifemaking methods. His Eastern influenced Persian folder has an undeniably ethnic upswept blade profile with a modern black G-10 handle. Finger indents on the handle’s underside situate the hand in a way that translates into comfort and cutting control. The Persian blade’s full-curved belly ends in a graceful upswept tip offering both Middle-Eastern style and cutting performance. Made from high-performance VG-10 steel (flat-ground), a prominent hump above the Spyderco Round Hole creates a leveraging platform welcoming the thumb. The curved steel pocket clip is designed for right-hand, tip-facing-upward pocket carry. The Persian features a David Boye Dent removed from the back lock’s release, inhibiting inadvertent disengagement. Balance, plus first-class fit and finish, makes this model truly worthy of bearing Ed Schempp’s and Spyderco’s name.


Blade Length: 3-7/16″ (87 mm)
Overall Length: 8-1/4″ (210 mm)
Weight: 5.4 oz. (154 g)
Made in Japan