Just in- the 2010 catalogs from Benchmade! We don’t have extras, but I can tell you some of the items in them.
There’s a new Bob Lum designed folding knife the Onslaught- with an Axis-Assisted mechanism and a blade over 4″. It is beautifully designed- as all Lums have been, with a unique blade shape.
They are also offering a tough framelock (monolock) called the MPR with a g10 side and a titanium side and a titanium clip- It’s 3.4″ M390 steel blade is stout. Designed by Shane Sibert, this is a very cool, combat folder although not cheap.

The Subrosa is a Lerch design and is the first assisted Monolock and has S30V 3.76″ blade and ornate titanium handle- very nice

Then there is the new Tomahawk.
This one is a Killian design with 1095 steel and a G10 handle.
It’s long with an overall length of 16.25″

(I’ve been in this business to remember Benchmade’s last hatchet in 1997. It was called the Samsax and, if you’re interested, you can see the picture of the old one HERE.)

There’s more new stuff that we will add as we can- including a pen with a carbide tip- for smashing windows, a new HOOK safety cutter with a strong enough and wide enough hook to cut leather and up to 1/2″ of rope, there’s an Auto Axis named the bedlam with a upswept blade, a mini Infidel, , a Lerch auto with mostly steel handle called the Impel, a Rift with auto Axis, new water knives with N680 steel- one folder with wide drop point blade and a fixed blunt tip with gut- net hook.