Spyderco Military S30V Blade Titanium Handles
Spyderco Military S30V Blade Titanium Handles
Spyderco Knives is one of our favorite companies. The Spyderco Military is a great series of combat folding knives. We have several models available. This new one, however, is really something.
is basically a combat Sebenza! Made in the USA by Spyderco Knives, it is made with the same materials found on a Chris Reeve Sebenza and Spyderco even calls their frame lock mechanism, the “Reeve Integral Lock.” The handles are Titanium. The blade is top quality S30V stainless. The shape and quality is Spyderco all the way.
Here is some more details from Spyderco Knives:
No folder in Spyderco‘s line-up lends itself better to innovative variation. The Ti-Mil’s shape, size and manufacturing qualities hold true to the vetted design. This one has a CPM-S30V blade, titanium handle and R.I.L. (Reeve Integral Lock). It just might be the crown jewel of Millies (for 2010 anyway). Limited production.

The first Military Model, or Millie, came about when someone asked Sal – “What knife would you send with your son or daughter if they were deployed?” I had three criteria. 1.) The blade had to be ferocious in cutting potential and edge life. 2.) Its weight and ergonomics both lightweight and comfortable. 3.) I wanted it manufactured as failsafe, indestructible and maintenance-free as humanly possible.

The Ti-Mil is a traditional Military Model meeting Sal’s requirements in every way but has a titanium handle and a R.I.L. – Reeve Integral Lock. We applaud knifemaker Chris Reeve for modifying the original Walker LinerLock design. He morphed it so the handle scale acts as the lock’s liner and the back portion of the handle doubles as both handle spring and lock. In doing this, he eliminated the need for additional internal liners and we can manufacture the knife lighter, slimmer and stronger.

Ti-Mil’s ultra-light titanium handle feels like an extension of the hand with chamfering around the edges and a jimped lock release. We left the handle construction open for easy maintenance and cleaning, allowing debris inside to be flushed or blown out, ensuring reliable performance even in the dirtiest, harshest environments.

Its powdered CPM-S30V steel blade is flat-ground with a sole-focus on cutting performance. We oversized the blade hole for positive one-hand deployment, even while wearing gloves and added jimping on the choil and spine for tactile resistance in a gripping handle while sawing, chopping or aggressively cutting.

The Millie has become one of the most enduring designs we’ve ever made. We’ll keep on applying our C.Q.I. processes to it, but will ensure it remains uncomplicated, functional and field-ready.


* Right-hand, tip-down clip
* R.I.L. Reeve Integral Lock
* Titanium scales GAL4V
* Spine & choi jimping
* Screw-together construction
* 14mm Spyderco Round Hole (for gloved hand)
* Flat-ground modified clip-point blade


* Blade: 4″ (102 mm)
* Edge: 3-11/16″ (94 mm)
* Closed: 5-1/2″ (140 mm)
* Overall: 9-1/2″ (241 mm)
* Steel: CPM-S30V
* Weight: 5.9 oz. (167 g)
* Edge: Plain
* Clip: Right
* Tip Carry: Down

* Made in Golden Colorado, USA