New Ceramic Pocket Knives from Benchmark
New Ceramic Pocket Knives from Benchmark

Benchmark Knives is an old name in our industry… it was where most of us first encountered Blackie Collins and his amazing innovations to man’s oldest tool. The latest incarnation of Benchmark Knives stays true to that innovation by offering a ceramic material blade in a sleek aluminum handle, all at a truly affordable price. This is a gentleman’s knife that has 10 times the edge holding capacity of a traditional metal blade-and it weighs less!

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More information from Benchmark:

This is an affordable ceramic folding knife by Benchmark. It’s great edge retention has made ceramic one of the big up-and-coming blade materials. This knife has combined the excellent cutting capabilities and edge retention of ceramic with a sleek, modern profile. The bone onlay (only on one side) give it an extra air of elegance, making this a knife that would not look out of place clipped to a suit pocket. The knife snaps open with authority, and the liner lock keeps it held firmly in place.

Despite the obvious quality of the knife, Benchmark has managed to make it affordable for anyone. This is just the thing to satisfy your curiosity about ceramic knives, or to add to your current collection.


Blade Length: 3-1/4″
Overall Length: 7-3/4″
Closed Length: 4-1/2″
Blade Material: Ceramic with Dual Thumb-Studs
Handle Material: Aluminum with Red Jigged or Smooth Gray Bone Onlay
Locking Mechanism: Linerlock
Clip: Tip-down
Made in China