Outdoor Edge Orange Swing Blaze Hunting Knife
Outdoor Edge Orange Swing Blaze Hunting Knife Two Blades in One
Outdoor Edge is the leader in great and innovative hunting edges. The only thing worse than not having a good hunting knife, is having a good hunting knife and then loosing it. Thankfully, Outdoor Edge has brought out a blaze orange version of their popular Swing Blade hunting knife. This innovative hunter features a drop point skinning blade that can be rotated into the handle to reveal a gutting blade. The added benefit of this model is that it is made with a blaze orange Kraton grip handle, reducing the likelihood that you will leave it behind in the woods and not have it when you need it most. What a sharp idea!
Here is the information from Outdoor Edge:
ESZ20N: Swing Blaze
Outdoor Edge®

Put a blaze orange rubberized Krayton handle on the SwingBlade and eliminate losing your knife!

Truly the most innovative knife to ever hit the hunting market. An international design partnering the efforts of Outdoor Edge president David Bloch, EKA Knives of Sweden and professional hunter Thomas Ekburg, This innovative design cuts beneath the skin to open game like a zipper and eliminates the chance of cutting hair or internal organs. The SwingBlaze is hand finished from AUS-8 stainless steel. Vacuum heat treated and subzero quenched for superior edge retention and performance. It has a rotating blade that locks a drop point skinner in place while the unique gutting blade rotates into the handle. When you need to zip open your game animal, simply push the lock button and the gutting blade rotates into action. Comes complete with a nylon belt sheath and is lifetime guaranteed.

Dimensions: Gutting Blade 3.2”
Skinning Blade 3.6”
Overall length 8.3”
Weight with Sheath: 7.1 oz.
Made in China