Pinkerton Custom Fixed Blade
Pinkerton  Custom Fixed Blades
These are beautiful knives. The Pinkerton Customs are custom made fixed blades from Dirk Pinkerton. They’re simple but really different and advanced in their design. The blades are very heavy and the handles are short but adequate. We like these knives and feel that they’re great values.
Here’s what Dirk has to say about his knives:
From the maker: “In all of my designs, I strive to make the most versatile knife system I can. This system isn’t just the knife and sheath, but the individual parts of each component and how they work together. Size is another consideration. The majority of my fixed blades are sized to make it easier to carry througout the day so, you will have it when you need it. I have a few designs I consider standard and they are generally available for very quick delivery time. I make many one off knife designsthat are available as they are completed. The Lancer is a versatile self defense knife. The handle is a “drop” design that I am developing. It gives excellent grip in almost any position at the same time reducing grip length. This also makes for easy carry. The blade shape also lends itself to utility and kitchen tasks.”

About the maker: I started making knives only a few years ago. The desire to make knives grew from years of collecting knives, working in the security industry, competive shooting and my association and friendship with several police officers, fire fighters and Green Beret. I began thinking about what a knife should be based on this.

My design philosophy is simple and straight forward. A design big enough to get the job done, but in the smallest package. It should have a comfortable but versatile grip. It should be able to handle whatever task you would expect a knife to handle.

I have a small shop with only a few pieces of equipment. I don’t have any CNC or automated equipment, so my work is very hands on. I enjoy this approach. For some designs I will have pieces laser cut. This is to ensure design elements are accurate, especially for a large run.

I do my own heat treat in shop. This permits quicker turn around time and design development. I can also “tweak” the process as needed. If the design or steel requires a special heat treat process, I will send it out.

I use 154CM and D2 as my standard steels. These are very good performing steels and are readily available. So, unless otherwise specified, the knife will be made from one of these steels. Which steel will depend on what I believe will serve the design best. I like Crucible’s CPM steel, S30V, CPM154 and CPMD2. I try to keep them on hand. I will use any steel or material at the customers request. Most times it won’t impact the price of the knife. I have made knives in titanium, carbon fiber, Stellite/Talonite, stainless damascus and a couple others.
I generally use G-10, a canvas or linen Micarta for the handles. I have used and plan to use natural materials for handles. However, since the shop is still young, I don’t keep anything on hand. I will use any material at the customers request. I make sheaths for all my knives. I use .060″ and .080″ Kydex. I have been told I make good sheaths. I try to make good, servicable sheaths. I look more to function than anything else for sheaths.

Tactical Sheath. The Lancer comes with a custom-molded black Kydex® sheath with a detent which firmly grips the knife.