Quartermaster Knives QTRM5TR Are Here!

Introducing a new brand of overbuilt, well made, tactically designed edged tools – Quartermaster Knives – also known as QTRM5TR. Taking Mantis Knives to the next level with all USA-made products (and components), they’re doing it right and they’re doing only a limited number of each model. Every knife is individually serialized and hand checked to make sure only the finest combat cutlery is leaving their shop and hitting our shelves. Utilizing CPM154 for their first production runs, every knife incorporates QTRM5TR’s proprietary ORB® pivot system which is a smooth as any available on the market today. It makes actuating the large and small blades QTRM5TR uses a breeze and can be adjusted with the same Torx bit as all the rest of the screws on the knife. Check out these awesome new blades at www.knifecenter.com.

More about QTRM5TR Knives:

Perhaps made most notable by “Q Branch”, the fictional research and development division of the British Secret Service in famed writer Ian Flemings’ series of spy novels; QUARTERMASTER or “Q” is a military officer who’s particular responsibilities are providing (among other things) equipment, often very specialized equipment to troops and specially trained operators.

Another name couldn’t be more fitting for our organization given our collective goal and our chosen customer base. These knives are indeed some of the best examples of hand-made, hand tools in existence today. The retailers who’ve been chosen to re-sell this brand are only the finest in the USA cutlery industry, the most reputable individuals and organizations around. Bar None.

During the second weekend in June, 2012 while knife enthusiasts from around the world hustled and traded at hundreds of tables in the Cobb Galleria, of Atlanta Georgia, the industry’s best retailers were invited to a reception in a suite high above. These select few individuals weren’t told much… only that they would be viewing a range of products that would likely change the way their top shelves looked in the coming months. Once they were greeted and seated in our viewing room, these knife purveyors were shown a thoughtful product line that is somehow tastefully elegant and rugged at the same time. Knives that are designed and hand-built by skilled technicians right here in the United States.

Limited production pieces that are each individually serialized and hand-fit to exacting tolerances. During the second half of 2012, the public will begin to see what you’re about to. QTRM5TR is not interested in selling large quantities of knives. QTRM5TR is only interested in ultra-premium quality knives. Utilizing CPM154 steel that is hardened to 59-60 Rc and our proprietary ORB® pivot system QTRM5TR is confident that we’ll change the look of your collection as well.

Crucible Particle Metallurgy 154-CM Steel

A close partnership with a leading USA steel manufacturer allows QTRM5TR access to the newest in powder metallurgy technology.

Our first models are offered in CPM 154; a tried and tested premium U.S. made steel. We’re currently testing new high performance alloys such as B70P and BD4P as we get set to introduce additional models to the lineup.

ORB® Pivot System

The ORB® Pivot System is a sealed ball-bearing technology that is widely considered the second generation of an open-bearing system that is being used by some manufacturers today.

The ORB’s advantages are plenty: dirt and pocket lint cannot impede the track of these rollers, they’re encased. The ball-bearing system tightens the tolerances in and around the pivot of the folding knife, as a result the lock-up is vault tight, yet the rollers allow for almost effortless rotation.

The lack of ‘play’ at any point on the rotational axis of the blade is truly unlike anything currently being made at this price point in the United States.

Proudly Made in  the USA

We believe that the best tools in the world are made right here in the United States of America.

This is why all QTRM5TR knives, 100 percent of their components, even the boxes they’re sold in are Made in the USA.