Spyderco Caly 3 and a Half Pocket Knife
The Caly 3.5: The Newest Member of the Spyderco Caly Series

The Calypso, one of Spyderco’s most sought after knives, was designed as a working knife that felt natural in the user’s hand. The Caly 3.5 is the newest generation of Calypso, and is larger than the previous generation, the Caly 3.

There are numerous reasons for the Calypso’s popularity. The thick leaf shaped blade and flat ground edge create a strong and precise edge, allowing for complicated cuts but capable of powerful cuts. More importantly, the design of the handle and blade create a natural holding position that gives the user incredible control over the knife. Because the index finger and thumb press against the metal of the blade while holding the knife, it feels less like a foreign object, and more like an extension of your hand, allowing a more intuitive understanding of where every part of the blade’s edge is at any given time.

All of this is brought together with Japanese manufacturing, a high quality VG-10 steel blade, and G-10 handles, to create an excellent knife that would be the pride of any collection.

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More information from Spyderco:

Spyderco has several knife designs that remain steadfast year after year. What keeps people buying them over decades is their basic function but also that they’re upgraded or refreshed with new technology and materials when they become available. A prolific design in Spyderco’s line is the Calypso. Its arrival over a decade ago as a mid-sized folder has spurned numerous variations and converted legions of knife buyers to the benefits of flat-ground, thick leaf-shaped blades. This is a workingman’s or woman’s folder founded on the premise that a comfortable, usable pocketknife is one that feels like a natural extension of your hand. A larger, newer Bionic version of the original Calypso Jr. is the Caly3.5. The latest Calypso progeny has a 3-1/2″ VG-10 leaf-shaped blade that is thick at the tang, then tapering to a tip. The cutting edge is flat-ground and thin for precision and receptive cutting. Ergonomics and control were taken into the designs’ consideration and where handle and blade meet is a substantial finger choil. This is the spot where the index finger settles ergonomically leading the thumb to naturally position itself directly above on the blade’s spine. Also the spine is textured with slip resistant jimping making the knife feels like part of the hand with no sliding forward or backward while cutting. The black G-10 handle has a mid-positioned back lock and a low profile wire clip, holding the folder deeply in a pocket facing tip-up. Overall open length: 7″ (178 mm).