SOG Aegis Assisted Openers
SOG Aegis Assisted Openers
SOG has produced assisted openers for years now and their system is one of our favorites. This new series has a great feel and has all the accouterments that a good combat folder should have: fast action, great feel, built in safety, reversible pocket clip and they look very cool. Congrats to SOG for keeping the bar high on combat folders!
Here is the information as SOG publishes it:
Aegis (ee-jis), which in Greek means shield or protection, is also the code name for the world’s premier integrated air defense system and the sea-based element of the United States Ballistic Missile Defense System.

Our comprehensive Aegis line of premier folders is fully integrated with top end systems. Take the modified arc actuated piston locks that enable and support several blade configurations. Start to open the knife, and let Aegis finish the action with a bang, using one of the surest assisted technologies (S.A.T.) out there! Our trademark bayonet reversible clip, built in safety with red/ready to go, checkered DigiGrip™ handles, and tacky rubber inserts all contribute to make Aegis a platform for today’s changing world. Cover your back with Aegis outdoor or tactical blades.


* Blade Length: 3.5″
* Overall Length: 8.25″
* Weight: 3.1 oz.
* Edge: Half Serrated
* Steel: AUS 8
* Handle: Zytel
* Finish: Black TiNi

SOG Assisted Technology™
The Arc-Lock just might be the perfect lock. Why? It is totally ambidextrous and has all of the attributes knife designers relentlessly search for, but rarely find.

SOG Assisted Technology works through the balance of opposing high-tension coil springs. As one opens the blade the force to propel the knife open becomes greater than the closing force and the blade will open on its own. The end result propels the blade out once the operator has initiated the one-handed opening action.

S.A.T. works so well that right-handers can use their left hand equally well to open a folding knife (of course this works oppositely for lefties).