SOG Bluto Folding Knife
SOG Bluto Folding Knife 2.25″ VG10 Steel Blade, Gray Aluminum Handles
This is a small, well made folding knife from SOG Knives. The blade shape is really cool and I think it would be a useful tool to have a round. There is a flipper that sort of works- but the blade is so small and the amount of “throw” you get with the flipper is not quite enough to open it without a pretty large amount of wrist action. The handle is darker than the picture and really looks pretty nice. There is a texture to the surface of the gray. This is a small knife. You can see all the Blutos at
Here is the information from SOG Knives:
The muscular stance and bulging form belay a quiet confidence. This little guy has its own point of view and the strength to back it up. With a very innovative textured machined aluminum handle, the Bluto handles well. Its VG-10 blade, Arc-Lock, and hardened scalloped steel liners make a rock solid package. The sweeping blade style is modern and functional and unique to the SOG line. Flex a new look with the Bluto.
* Blade: 2.25″
* Overall Length: 5.5″
* Weight: 3.2 oz.
* Edge: Straight
* Steel: VG-10
* Handle: Aluminum
* Finish: Satin
* Includes: Reversible Pocket clip

The Arc-Lock™

The Arc-Lock just might be the perfect lock. Why? It is totally ambidextrous and has all of the attributes knife designers relentlessly search for, but rarely find.

Strength:The Arc-Lock far surpasses conventional lock strength, tested at over 1000 lbs of force measured at the lock in an independent lab test.

Speed:The Arc-Lock provides lightning-quick, one-handed opening and closing capability.

Safety: Spring-action securely retains the blade closed. When unlocking, the fingers are safely kept clear.

Durability: The Arc-Lock is self-adjusting over time and can be easily cleaned for long term optimal performance.