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Shirogorov Quantum folding knife on table, open

Knife Fight – Your Favorite Knife of April

The dust has settled on this month's Knife Fight, and the people have chosen a new champ. Every month, we leave it...
Outdoor & Survival Gear Roundup image featuring Kershaw Camp 5 Fixed Blade

Survival/Outdoor Knife & Gear Roundup: 5-2-2020

We've got an updated classic to show you this week from SOG, as well as a new fixed blade from Kershaw that...

SOG BladeLight Mini Knives

A knife? A flashlight? How about both. The SOG Bladelight Minis are the best knives in low light situations, and they're not just gimmicks....

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New SOG Bladelight Camp

The Bladelight Camp is a very cool fixed blade by SOG.  One might think that a "blade light" sounds kinda gimmicky, and it does,...

SOG Visionary II Folding Pocketknife

SOG Visionary II Folding Pocketknife SOG is a company we hold in high esteem here at the Knifecenter, and the spectacular Visionary II is no...

SOG SE38 Force

SOG SE38 Force It would've been easy not to write anything about this knife, and just let the picture do the talking. SOG's new SE38 Force...

SOG Knives Demolition/Scuba Fixed Blade Knife

SOG Knives Demolition/Scuba Fixed Blade Knife SOG Knives introduced their demolition/scuba fixed blade several years ago. At that time it was made in Japan and...