How To: Pick the Best First Butterfly Knife

Balisongs, more commonly referred to as butterfly knives have been widely popular for some time now, and it is easy to see the appeal. They have their roots in the Filipino martial arts, but nowadays most people use them to perform tricks. You can see folks showing off their skills in movies and all over the internet. Thing is, it can be an intimidating hobby to get into. Not only can the tricks be difficult to master, but you also have to decide which butterfly knife to buy to get started. Experienced flippers have a lot of strong opinions on what is good or not, and sometimes it can be hard to sort through. If you are a beginner or even a novice looking to upgrade, we want to make it as easy as possible to enjoy this fun hobby, so here are a few options that range in price and performance that you ought to check out. Continue Reading

Mantis Vuja De Balisong Karambit

The Mantis Vuja De is finally here at the KnifeCenter and what a cool knife this is! The butterfly karambit – many people thought it couldn’t be done but the genius behind Mantis and QTRM5TR Knives, Jared West, has pulled it off and executed it well. It features a very cool and effective button that locks the knife in both the open and closed positions. It’s not really designed for practicing your flipping tricks as the  lock automatically engages when the knife becomes completely open. It could flip smoother, like a Benchmade 51 or 62, and it could be a little sharper like an Emerson Karambit but it really is nothing like those other knives. It’s in a class all its own with a 2″ M-VX steel hawkbill blade and 7″ overall profile including the rear finger hole so you’ll never have the problem of guessing which one the safety handle is again. Karambits are tactical, defense specific tools and the Vuja De by Mantis Knives is no different, plus it has the cool added feature of being a Bali-Song flipper. Check it out at

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Benchmade Model 62 Bali-Song – An Excellent Flipper

Benchmade Model 62 Bali-Song - An Excellent Flipper

Building off the overwhelming success of the Model 42, the newest Bali-Song from Benchmade is an absolute beaut. The 62 keeps the same Weehawk blade shape, now made from D2 tool steel and measures in at 4-1/4″. The handles are now made from stainless steel for a heavier knife which means easier flipping. The latch mechanism on this butterfly is the T-latch which comes attached to the bite handle with torx screws and is both reversible and removable. This knife is true Benchmade quality, making for an excellent collectible or usable bali-song and it comes with a soft nylon carry sheath. Get your 62 before Benchmade discontinues it at

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2012 Benchmade Products Available for Pre-Order

Benchmade is one of the foremost and innovative knife companies in the industry today. Their classic and wide variety of designs appeal to every type of knife user and collector. They have some great, new items coming out this year and here is your opportunity to see them and to pre-order them so that, when they are shipping, you will be early in line to get them!The different classes of knives they offer make it easy for anyone to find the right knife in their price range to fit their need. Top quality components, superior manufacturing tolerances, and knives from some of the leading designers in the industry all make Benchmade a household name in the knife community.  Benchmade employs a simple philosophy- “Make it cool, make it solid, make it happen and definitely make it Benchmade.” You can see these new items at
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BaliSong Trainer $14.95

BaliSong Trainer BaliSong Trainer
New BaliSong Trainer $14.95
We used to offer a better variety of bali-Song trainers, but some of them became unavailable. We now have this new series from China that is a pretty good quality at a very good price. When you’re trying to perfect your style, these work great. They’re not sharp and so you won’t hurt yourself and, when you get good enough, just break out the real one.
The blade is skelotenized for realistic weight and balance to give you the edge in a training scenario. The handles have a bit more grip than the standard training knife for added purchase during a training session where the perspiration may play into the exercises. The blade comes in at about one-half inch shorter than a live blade and with the blunted end and edges, it makes training a safer activity than just taping the blades or grinding down the edge and tip. An overall great training tool!

Blade Length: 4″ Training Blade
Closed Length: 5-1/4″
Overall Length: 9″
Made in China

Mantis Bottleneck Series Bali-Song Style Keychain Knife

Mantis Bottleneck Series Bali-Song Style Keychain Knife
Mantis Bottleneck Series Bali-Song Style Keychain Knife
Mantis Knives is one of the most exciting new up-and-coming knife companies we deal with… and the Bottleneck is exactly why. This clever little butterfly style folder features a single or double edge blade that is under two inches long, and it is available in you choice of satin or black. The real fun is that it can be used to open a bottle cap, then clipped shut on your key ring, or played with like a bali-song!
You can see the series at
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Bear MGC and United Cutlery Butterfly Knives

Bear and Son United Butterfly Knife
Bear MGC and United Cutlery Butterfly Knives

Bear MGC made these butterfly knives in their USA factory for United Cutlery Brands over a decade ago. Fortunately for us, they found a leftover batch in their warehouse, and they are letting us offer them to the public at a great price. In fact, these are the lowest priced live bali-songs we have available.

If you have ever considered trying a butterfly knife, this is your chance to get a great USA made knife at a price that is impossible to beat.

Find these knives at

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BaliYo Flip Pen by Spyderco (Black) Economy Model

BaliYo Flip Pen by Spyderco Economy Model
BaliYo Flip Pen by Spyderco (Black) Economy Model – $9.95
The Spyderco Knife Company never ceases to amaze us. The BaliYo pens have always been USA made and still a bargain at $23.95. This new edition is made in China and we can sell it at $9.95!! This is an amazing offering from Spyderco Knives. You can view the Black Economy BaliYo at
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Spyderco Spyderfly Smallfly Butterfly Knife MIM Handles

Spyderco Spyderfly Smallfly Butterfly Knife MIM Handles
Spyderco Spyderfly Smallfly Butterfly Knife MIM Handles
Spyderco Spyderfly Butterflies are legendary. The styling is second to none. They are well made – totally in the USA – with great action and they have been a great seller for a long time. Instead of the standard G10 layer on the handles, this new model has solid, molded metal handle. They say it helps the balance- well, here is the whole deal from Spyderco.- We just like the look and feel! Continue Reading

Spyderco Szabofly Butterfly Knife

Spyderco Szabofly Butterfly Knife
Spyderco Szabofly Butterfly Knife
Like no other! This is a unique offering that has been anticipated for years and finally arrived today! Spyderco once again brings something unique to the marketplace and we think our collectors and Butterfly enthusiasts will gobble these up. They’re not cheap, but you get what you pay for- and that’s the best value around.
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