BaliSong Trainer BaliSong Trainer
New BaliSong Trainer $14.95
We used to offer a better variety of bali-Song trainers, but some of them became unavailable. We now have this new series from China that is a pretty good quality at a very good price. When you’re trying to perfect your style, these work great. They’re not sharp and so you won’t hurt yourself and, when you get good enough, just break out the real one.
The blade is skelotenized for realistic weight and balance to give you the edge in a training scenario. The handles have a bit more grip than the standard training knife for added purchase during a training session where the perspiration may play into the exercises. The blade comes in at about one-half inch shorter than a live blade and with the blunted end and edges, it makes training a safer activity than just taping the blades or grinding down the edge and tip. An overall great training tool!

Blade Length: 4″ Training Blade
Closed Length: 5-1/4″
Overall Length: 9″
Made in China