The Mantis Vuja De is finally here at the KnifeCenter and what a cool knife this is! The butterfly karambit – many people thought it couldn’t be done but the genius behind Mantis and QTRM5TR Knives, Jared West, has pulled it off and executed it well. It features a very cool and effective button that locks the knife in both the open and closed positions. It’s not really designed for practicing your flipping tricks as the  lock automatically engages when the knife becomes completely open. It could flip smoother, like a Benchmade 51 or 62, and it could be a little sharper like an Emerson Karambit but it really is nothing like those other knives. It’s in a class all its own with a 2″ M-VX steel hawkbill blade and 7″ overall profile including the rear finger hole so you’ll never have the problem of guessing which one the safety handle is again. Karambits are tactical, defense specific tools and the Vuja De by Mantis Knives is no different, plus it has the cool added feature of being a Bali-Song flipper. Check it out at

More about Mantis Knives and M-VX Steel:

Mantis Knives stands behind each and every product with an unconditional lifetime warranty. The blade steels they use combine important properties into the best performing package possible. The Mantis Knives design team doesn’t feel that they should ever be governed or limited by “industry norms”, as a result, a team of metallurgists, who have been working closely with the Research and Development team at Mantis Knives, have come up with what we consider to be an alloy that will set new standards in excellence for our industry.

Tough as a coffin nail, M-VX is a martensitic high speed steel that is specifically formulated to offer the best combination of edge retention, resistance to corrosion, and ease of re-sharpening. Vanadium has been found to be far more effective than chromium in providing wear-resistance, so M-VX’s chemistry has been specially engineered to enhance this effect. M-VX attains a previously unknown toughness. To put it into simple terms, M-VX stainless steel “slices circles” around other high hardness steels such as D2 and 440C.