Why You Need a Spyderco Para 3 EDC Folding Knife

A spinoff of the ever-popular Paramilitary 2, the Spyderco Para 3 is a little bit smaller, and in my opinion, its proportions are just about perfect. Although we only get about two and a half inches of sharpened edge, it feels like more in the hand, and the handle is still nice and big, offering a full grip for big jobs. The blade is instantly recognizable as a Spyderco. It has a broad profile, a full flat grind and their signature round opening hole. We’re going to break down what makes this such a great knife for everyday carry and why you should add one to your rotation.

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The 5 Best Sub-$50 Knives with D2 Steel

D2 tool steel is widely considered to be one of the best steels for utility knives because of its affordability and edge retention, which is why so many great EDC knives rock a D2 steel blade with pride. This quality steel rides the line between a carbon steel and a stainless steel, a perk that makes it a popular choice for everyday carry knives that you’ll actually put to work on the regular.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to everyday pocket knives: any knife that you carry every day can be an EDC (no matter the cost) or it’s better to have an EDC that’s less expensive that you can abuse daily without guilt. For those out there that want to shill out less than fifty bucks for a pocket knife, but you want good performance steel – you’re in luck. KnifeCenter has pulled together the five best sub-$50 pocket knives with D2 blades.

The knife import game is changing. Imported knives are steadily improving in quality, and their affordable price points make these great designs more accessible to knife enthusiasts everywhere. Why not celebrate the fact that people of all backgrounds can enjoy the utility that comes with carrying a razor sharp knife?


Ontario RAT Model 2 Folding Knife



The scaled-down version of Ontario’s popular Rat 1 is an EDC folder that can withstand some serious abuse. The hunters and survivalists out there should pay extra attention to this knife – it is made for you. Jeff Randall’s knife design combines heavy-duty cutting power with a lightweight, slim build that rests comfortably in your pocket. The drop point blade profile is perfect for utility tasks, and the liner lock offers rock-solid lockup and slick deployment. While it is nylon and materials obviously play a role in the low cost, the light weight, great grip, and corrosion-resistance are perks that makes this knife worth every penny.


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Kershaw Kurai: Style, Substance, And Fantastic Value

Every once in a while, our friends over at Kershaw Knives come out with something new that generates a buzz around our office. When we first laid eyes on the new Kurai, we knew that they had come up with something really interesting.

The Kurai is a gentleman’s folder with style to spare, with carbon fiber-patterned aluminum handle scales. It doesn’t sacrifice substance either-it’s heavy for its size (in a good way), and its 2.5″ 8Cr13MoV blade with Titanium Carbo-Nitride coating provides great performance and corrosion resistance at an extremely reasonable price. Opening is smooth and easy with the thumb stud, and the linerlock is nice and solid. The Kurai makes a great gift, too! Check them out today at www.knifecenter.com!

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Spyderco Delica and Endura with Bright Orange Handles

Spyderco Delica and Endura with Bright Orange Handles
Spyderco Delica and Endura with Bright Orange Handles
Spyderco Knives has offered these flat ground blade Endura and Delica models for a while, but these are the first with the vivid orange handles. Why have it orange? So you don’t lose them! The most common way of losing a pocketknife is to use and and then set it down (rule #1- don’t do that! put it back in your pocket!) With this bright color, you are more likely to see it in the corner of your eye before you leave it where you used it. This color is so bright, you will always know where it is. You can see them at www.knifecenter.com
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New Timberline Tactical Folding Knife

Timberline Tactical SOC Folding Knife
New Timberline Tactical SOC Folding Knife!

Looking for a new Every-Day-Carry knife for dear old Dad? Very cool looking, with a bronzish coloring and very well made and well priced.  Say hello to the SOC linerlock. Comfortable on the wallet, in the hand and in the pocket, what more could Dad want?!?

You can see them at www.knifecenter.com

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Spyderco Goddard Jr. in White

Spyderco Goddard Jr. in White
Spyderco Goddard Jr. in White
Return of one of the best knives we have seen! From way back in the 1990’s, we have been selling the Goddard designed Spydercos and our customers have always loved them. Spyderco stopped producing them some time ago and they have been sorely missed. If you’re one of the legions of Spyderco fanatics, you probably know their numbering system well enough to know that a model 18 is a pretty early design. Sal Glesser got together with Wayne Goddard in the early 90’s to produce two sizes of lightweight lockbacks with black Micarta handles. Happily, as a part of their “Sprint Run” series, Spyderco has re-introduced the Goddard Jr, for a limited run in white Micarta. This is a fabulous using knife, particularly this version with VG10 steel.
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