stuff under 5 dollars

In addition to the finest cutlery and outdoor items in the world, the KnifeCenter offers some very inexpensive items to our customers. Some customers ask us why we sell this type of merchandise. They think it’s junk and beneath us to sell. We do take pride in offering the best products available but we also offer products we feel are an amazing value. We spend a lot of time looking through thousands of products all the time to find the best items for the web site and when we see something that may not be top notch but is a great deal, we want to offer it to our customers. You would have no way to find these products except on our site or some dollar store site. At least here, you know that we have vetted the products and are offering them because we sincerely feel that they offer value to you. Most of us don’t need a $50 pair of scissors for everyday use, and so, when we get the opportunity to buy a quantity of really good scissors that we can sell at $5, we jump on it. We have customers that will buy several for all over their homes, vehicles, offices and anywhere they see it working. Let’s face it, even with a $10 product there is not much profit available for our company. We want to be of service to our customers. We’re not claiming that a $10 set of 6 steak knives is super quality. But, it is a great set for your camping gear or tackle box or emergency storage and well worth that price. Please keep this in mind when looking at this type of product at the KnifeCenter. We want to be of service to you and are working hard to do that. Every item pictured above (and there are over 400 more!) is for sale for less than $5. You can also list all our items that are between $5 and $10! There are well over 1000 of these! Thank you for your patronage.