Boker Plue Squail - Very Nice for the Price


Very Spyderco Vallotton and Starmate-esque, the new Boker Plus Squail is a large tactical folder with serious style. The designer, Charles Marlowe, is known for combining function with elegance in all his designs, whether they be tactical or utility in nature. The Squail features a large 4″ 440C blade that is beautifully stonewashed and has a nice-sized thumb hole for easy actuation. The handles are linen Micarta paired with matte finished titanium bolsters for a refined looking and feeling knife. The jimping on the spine is very sharp for excellent purchase and the liner lock, though not grooved like it is in the picture, does lock the knife up with no play whatsoever. This is another awesome piece from Boker Plus and their decision to go with production versions of custom knife designs is paying off with some really excellent products. Keep your eyes peeled for more new designs and check out this handsome new tactical knife at

More From the Designer:

I began making knives when I was 15 in my Dad’s woodworking shop. Dad had a 6 inch bench grinder for sharpening lathe tools and chisels, and I found it worked just fine for grinding on pieces of steel to make knives. Those first knives were crude, but I believe that is a common story. Although they may have been crude, they were a start and I was hooked. I continued making knives throughout high school. I made more and more throughout college, and my last semester I decided to go full time. It has been an adventure, but I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

I love making knives and feel very fortunate that I am able to do so for a living. I also feel very fortunate that I found my passion so early in life. I would not be able to say that if were not for the tremendous support of my parents.

I make the best knives I can from the best materials I can get. I will never sacrifice quality for anything.