Best New Knives at BLADE Show 2019

We are back from BLADE Show 2019 and we saw some really cool stuff while we were there. If you want to know the best knives and gear from the show we’ve broken it down for you. These are my personal favorites, in no particular order, from BLADE Show 2019.

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New Chris Reeve Knives at SHOT Show 2019

We got a great look at the new folders and slipjoints coming from Chris Reeve Knives at SHOT Show, including their latest Impinda variation and some attractive new computer-generated graphic Sebenzas. For the latest knives from Chris Reeve, head over to KnifeCenter.


Chris Reeve Large Sebenza 25

Chris Reeve Large Sebenza 25

The first of the Sebenza 25 models to feature inlays is finally out and excitement doesn’t come close to describing how I’m feeling. I’ve known for some time now what the inlays would look like but wasn’t quite sure how’d they’d actually feel once I got them in hand. Well, I’m here to say that they’re a definite improvement over those on the 21, to say the very least. They’re contoured to fit the shape of your hand more precisely than those squared off ones on the 21. The benefit of inlays beside the aesthetic beauty is quite practical – they prevent much of the wear on the Titanium and not just because they cover it. Inlays are actually the only parts of the knife that will touch the table top when you place it down. Slide it across the table, the durable inlays will take the punishment, leaving your Titanium scratch free. In addition to the inlays, this Micarta model comes with dual Silver thumb lugs (won’t show wear like the blue lugs) and backspacer, which makes for a very beautiful knife. The 25 boasts improved ergonomics, larger and more durable internal parts, a redesigned thumb ramp, a new “Large Hollow” blade grind, and now you can add better inlays to the list of improvements over the 21. These are absolutely stunning knives built to the quality Chris Reeve is famous for, check out this awesome new knife at
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Spyderco Domino Flipper

Spydero Domino Flipper

With two new flippers in two successive years, Spyderco must be trying to change their Trademark Hole or something fishy is going on. Flippers keep gaining popularity with knife knuts because they’re easier and are in some cases faster to open. The addition of an assist mechanism or ball bearing system gives you the peace of mind that the blade will open quickly and do so completely, every time. The Domino is just this kind of knife with buttery smooth bearings, making it very fun to play with. In use, it’s like any other Spyderco – just made to cut things! The CTS XHP steel is among the best in performance on the market due a high hardness and edge holding capability. The best thing about it though, is something you cannot see; the ease at which it can be resharpened. Hard steels like D2 and ZDP perform very well until they get dull. That’s when you either have to spend an hour working on the edge or send it out to get professionally sharpened. Not so with XHP. It’s fine particle metallurgy and high chromium content makes sharpening easier while also boosting its corrosion resistance. The Chris Reeve Integral frame lock (with replaceable lock bar insert), four-position pocket clip, and carbon fiber laminate handle are just other parts of this very well manufactured product. Check out the new Spyderco flipper at

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Chris Reeve 25th Anniversary Sebenza Prototype

Chris Reeve Sebenza 25 Limited Edition Prototype

Introducing the 25th year anniversary edition of the original frame lock folder – the Sebenza. The hole in the middle of the face scale is gone making for simply a better looking knife. The extra finger contour is the most noticeable difference on this model but it’s inside where all the real change has happened. The handle screws and pivot are now larger to wear better over time. The washers are absolutely gigantic and fit with extra holes for better oil distribution resulting in a smoother opening blade. The thumb ramp has been redesigned with a much larger curve so it’s actually functional now and really locks the knife in the hand. Finally, the attached blue lanyard and bead really are just a cherry on top. It’s an absolutely stunning knife built to the quality Chris Reeve is famous for. This is a Prototype, serial number 22 of 25, and is hand signed and dated by the legend himself – Chris Reeve.  Check it out before it’s gone at

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Chris Reeve Knives – New One of a Kinds

Chris Reeve Knives - Unmatched Quality

New one of a kind knives from Chris Reeve! When it comes to production knives, Chris Reeve stands alone atop the mountain. He has made many innovations and collaborated on designs that have forever changed our industry. He is the father of the one-piece knife concept, with his original model MK IV, the chief innovator of the Reeve Integral Lock, commonly referred to as a Frame lock, and was even crucial to the development of S30V stainless steel. He worked alongside the Crucible Materials Company to develop the first steel specifically designed for the cutlery industry. The various inlays, CNC machined graphics on the handle scales or beautiful Devin Thomas Damascus steels can make your production knife one of a kind. If you don’t love Chris Reeve Knives, then you probably haven’t handled one – they’re that awesome. Check out all the Chris Reeve fixed and folding offerings and the new one of a kind models while they last at

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We Are Proud to Present a New Benchmade Assisted Opening Subrosa

Benchmade Lerch Subrosa Assisted Pocket Knife
New! Benchmade Assisted Opening Subrosa

Full titanium handles with a Chris Reeve inspired monolock… and assisted opening??? Finally, the much anticipated Lerch Subrosa is here! This knife is easy on your pocket, powerful and strong. It is also beautiful. Plus, if you act quick, the batch we currently have on our shelf is serial numbered and marked first production run. This knife will be looked back on as one of the classic Benchmades.

See this knife at

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We Love These New, Value Priced, Chris Reeve Razionale Knives

Chris Reeves Razionale
New, Low Price Chris Reeve Razionale Knives!

Ever thought you’d see a Chris Reeve folder for under 200 bucks? Yeah, neither did we… but here they are! In the interest of full disclosure, the knife is built in the Fantoni facility in Italy, but each knife was inspected by (the very particular) Chris Reeve in Idaho before they were shipped out. The design is a collaboration between Chris and Bill Harsey – with whom he has designed several fixed blades. This knife is limited to only a few dozen left on the market anywhere , so don’t miss this opportunity to own a beautiful knife at an unheard of price.

See these knives at

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Just In- Chris Reeve’s Latest Creation- Nyala Classic Skinner

Chris Reeve Knives Nyala Classic Skinner
Chris Reeve Knives Nyala Classic Skinner
Chris Reeve is the world’s most extreme perfectionist and his knives show it. Every product that leaves his workshop is designed and produced to perfection. When he creates a new knife, it’s big news and everyone who knows knives takes notice. This one is a beauty. You can see them at
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Gerber LHR Combat Knife Fixed Blade Reeve and Harsey Design

Gerber LHR Combat Knife Fixed Blade Reeve and Harsey Design
Gerber LHR Combat Knife Fixed Blade Reeve and Harsey Design
Gerber Knives has produced one of the most significant new knives we have seen in quite some time- and that’s saying something! This LHR was designed by both Chris Reeve and Bill Harsey and they are two of the finest designers in the world today. The construction is all done in the USA. The knife has a massive blade and a comfortable handle. The sheath is specially engineered to be able to be accessed by the wearer of the knife and not an opponent that he may be in close wquarters fighting with. It’s a unique and top quality system and the price is amazing.
You can see them at
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