New Quartermaster QTRM5TR Pre-Production Models
A long-lasting friendship with some of the insiders at QTRM5TR Knives has allowed Knifecenter a very unique opportunity. QTRM5TR has just recently introduced it’s “second season”. This time, QTRM5TR has decided to pay homage to another pop culture favorite television show from the 80’s. Set in Hawaii, and filling our heads with images of scantily clad beach bunnies and Ferrari’s; the show has left a lasting impression with a lot of us males, aged 30-60.

At first discovery, the names seem strange, but once the overall theme is realized, it’s quite amusing and certainly a unique way to draw a kinship with their customer base. The names of the knives hardly matter at all once it’s in your hand. The angular, modern and industrial stylings of their knives are attractive and unique, but the surprisingly comfortable ergonomic-grip in the midst of all the angles and edges is remarkable.

The use of a new Carpenter Alloy in these knives is a great choice. We’ve received stellar reviews of the CTS XHP alloy and their newest air-hardened, high-carbon, chromium steel offering certainly won’t disappoint either. CTS BD4P alloy is a high-performance blade steel offering a fine, uniform carbide structure yielding excellent edge retention and grinding/polishing characteristics.

All in-line QTRM5TR Knives come equipped with the ORB® pivot system and tri-spoke pivot assembly: These two features will continue to further separate this new American brand from its competition and allow them to yield more popularity in the years to come. The folders are so smooth and lock up is so solid that you’d think they were customs that were triple the price. Get them now. We bought the entire run of pre-production examples, no one else on earth has these knives for sale.

A Little Background About QTRM5TR Knives:

QTRM5TR was founded in 2012. The principals in the business have a combined 25 years of experience in aerospace and industrial design. At its inception, the goal of the QTRM5TR Knife Company is to design and develop a line of rugged, hand-crafted, American made knives in limited quantity but of ultimate quality. We viewed the knife market as it currently sits and declared that there was certainly room for a boutique producer of fine, tactical based knives.We feel that our dedication to producing unique, domestically made items for real users will continue to set us apart from the competition for years to come. Our no-nonsense approach extends from our designs, well past our assembly processes and into our marketing practices. We don’t let anything sub-standard out of our doors, EVER and we won’t mince words about which customers we’d like to have: we’re QTRM5TR and we’re a knife built for a new generation of American Soldier.

Limited production pieces that are each individually serialized and hand-fit to exacting tolerances. During the second half of 2012, the public will begin to see what you’re about to. QTRM5TR is not interested in selling large quantities of knives. QTRM5TR is only interested in ultra-premium quality knives. Utilizing both CPM154 steel that is hardened to 59-60HRC and our proprietary ORB® pivot system QTRM5TR is confident that we’ll change the look of your collection as well.