Top Five Best ESEE Knives

Try this: whip out your phone and text the biggest outdoor and survival knife enthusiast you know and ask them this – “who makes the best survival knives in the business?” Chances are, they’re going to tell you that ESEE ranks pretty high (if not the highest). Since 1997, Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin have been changing the game when it comes to the wilderness industry. Their goal is to offer realistic tools that are designed for people that are going to use and abuse them, which is why their brand has been so successful. Their ‘no questions asked’ warranty doesn’t hurt, either – you’re essentially covered for everything but rust. If you break it, they will replace it.  

Even in the company’s philosophy, it clearly states that one of the most important aspects of the business is that ESEE won’t provide a piece of gear that hasn’t been tested in the real world. How seriously do they take that mission? Considering that ESEE’s founders also run an adventure and training company that regularly does jungle survival courses in the Peruvian Amazon, we’d say – very. Anyone who regularly handles outdoor knives knows the power of 1095 carbon, and ESEE is able to get more out of that steel than any other production knife company thanks to their famous heat treatment.    

You know the drill by now – as the leading cutlery retailer, we’re overqualified to cherry-pick the best ESEE knives for you. Let’s begin with the knife that started it all…




Best Application

General purpose field and utility knife that’s perfect for bug-out bags or survival kits

Why We Love It

What the ESEE 3 lacks in size, it more than makes up for in strength. It’s the very first knife that Jeff and Mike debuted at ESEE, essentially making it their flagship knife. The National Tactical Officers Association gave it a 4.77 out of 5, cementing its reputation as a favorite with law enforcement and military teams.

Why You’ll Love It

Like we said before, you’re going to get more out of that 1095 carbon steel than you will from any other knife company. This knife is comfortable and easy to carry thanks to its size and versatile sheath. Because this is such a popular knife model, we have over 40 iterations of the ESEE 3. From combo blades to Venom Green finishes to highly visible orange scales, we can pretty much guarantee there’s a model out there for even the most eccentric knife user.

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Extrema Ratio NK1 Neck Knives

Extrema Ratio NK1 Neck Knives

The Extrema Ratio NK1 is a tactical neck knife made from one solid piece of Bohler N690 stainless steel. This highly corrosion resistant steel has a very high hardness as well, leading to better than average edge holding capability. The handle is close to the sharpened edge and presents a curved recessed area on the lower side to place your index finger and to avoid injury when pulling the knife from the Kydex sheath. If you need a solid neck knife with a comfortable handle, look no further than the Extrema Ratio NK1. See it now at www.knifecenter.com.

Emerson La Griffe Fixed 1.75″ Black Blade

Emerson La Griffe Fixed 1.75" Black Blade

After waiting for… ever! The Emerson La Griffe is back! 100% made in America this is a sweet neck knife. Features one piece 154 CM steel construction with a razor sharp chisel ground blade and black oxide finish. This was originally designed as a back-up weapon for many police and military personnel as their last resort weapon, so I’m sure it will do the job for you. Get yours before they’re gone at www.knifecenter.com.

New Designs from the Unique Mind of Dirk Pinkerton

New Designs from the Unique Mind of Dirk Pinkerton
New Designs from the Unique Mind of Dirk Pinkerton

The Dirk Pinkerton series from Meyerco contains some of the most refreshing and unique designs we have seen all year. The knives are fun, functional, and affordable. Whether you are looking for a small concealable neck knife for defense or a larger neck knife for utility purposes, the Pinkerton range has a knife to suit your needs.

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ESEE Knives IZULA: The Sequel

Rat Cutlery ESEE Knives IZULA II Neck Knife
ESEE Knives IZULA: The Sequel

The ESEE IZULA is one of the most popular knives to come out of ESEE Knives, formerly Rat Cutlery. The IZULA II takes everything that is great about the IZULA neck knife, and adds a 1/2″ longer handle. It also comes standard with Micarta handle slabs, which were a popular add-on for the original IZULA.

Although the original IZULA was definitely usable, the extra leverage that the IZULA II‘s extended handle provides makes the knife much more comfortable in large hands, and allows a greater amount of control of the knife in any hands. The Micarta handles improved the grip of the original IZULA, and are a welcome standard addition to the IZULA II. However, for those who would prefer the skeleton handles, or who would prefer to make their own custom handles, the Micarta handles can be easily removed.

The IZULA II is available as just the knife and sheath, or with a minimal survival kit. This kit includes a length of paracord, an emergency whistle, a fire flint, and various parts for additional carry methods, including a snap hook and a belt clip for the sheath.

If the IZULA II is as popular as the original IZULA, we will not be able to keep it in stock for long, so get yours today!

See this knife at www.knifecenter.com

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New Vendetta Tactical Knife from Dark Ops

Dark Ops Vendetta
New Vendetta Tactical Knife from Dark Ops

This may well be the best designed tactical neck knife in our building. As a “blade of last resort” it is built to last and serve you well in that capacity. It is one of the few neck knives that you can comfortably hold in both the forward and reverse grip–with large or small hands. If you, or someone you care about, needs a line-of-duty last defense knife, we really recommend this one.

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Tom Krein Pocket Bowie Knife from Boker

Boker and Tom Krein Pocket Bowie Knife
New Pocket Bowie Knife from Boker and Tom Krein!

When we first heard about the Pocket Bowie, we were skeptical. One of the defining features of a Bowie knife is the large blade. What would a Bowie be, we wondered, without the size? But the new Pocket Bowie from Boker and Tom Krein has made believers out of us. The shaving sharp 2 1/2″ blade is small enough to be hidden under your shirt as a neck knife, but it feels like a larger knife. Maybe it is just the attitude that this knife has in comparison to other neck knives, but the spirit of the Bowie knife clearly surges beneath the steel of this blade.

The distinct Bowie blade is coupled with a very grippy G-10 handle. A tight, Tek-Lok compatible Kydex sheath completes the ensemble.

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New Schrade Extreme Survival Neck Knives!

Schrade Extreme Survival Neck Knife
New Schrade Extreme Survival Neck Knives!

A really great deal on a simple, but useful neck knife. The Extreme Survival Neck Knife is similar to the popular ESSE (RAT Cutlery) Izula, but less expensive, so you can afford to beat it up or keep it as back up. It features either a simple polycarbonate sheath, or a polycarbonate knuckle guard sheath with an LED light, and is a great deal in either variation at only $18.95.

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