Henckels Four Star German Kitchen Knife Sale!
Zwilling J.A. Henckels is probably the largest producer of German kitchen cutlery. Although they offer a cheaper line imported from China, The Knifecenter offers only their top quality items. The Four Star line is probably the most recognizable and popular and also the most imitated of their entire line. These never go on sale- but they are now! We were shocked when they told us to put the line on special, but here it is. You can select their Chef’s knives, paring knives, block sets and just about the entire Four Star series. This opportunity doesn’t come along that often, so you might want to take advantage while you can. – Here’s a tip, though. If you price shop for Henckels- always look for the items with the two stick figure twins in the logo. If you see just one stick figure, those are imported from China. Ours all have the two figures. See all the sale Henckels at www.knifecenter.com