ISOTONER smarTouch Gloves
We saw these gloves and thought that our customers would like them. They’re some of the best designs we have seen in a glove and the company, Isotoner, has been a mainstay in America for many years. The finger tips that allow you to use a touch screen device make these very cool. We have lots of models and they’re all at a great price. Also, they all ship First Class mail for $2.99! (within the US)
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Here is some more info from ISOTONER: 

Stay connected and comfortable with smarTouch gloves from ISOTONER. Conductive thread lets you use touchscreen devices with your gloves on. ISOTONER offers legendary quality, fit, warmth, and you can operate handheld touchscreen devices while wearing gloves. They are compatible with most touchscreen devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, ATM’s, gas pumps and GPS devices.

The thumb and index finger are embroidered with conductive thread that conveys an electrical impulse to the touchscreen. This unique patent pending construction gives these gloves exceptional performance, allowing for pinpoint accuracy. ISOTONER’s signature stretch materials provide superior fit and flexibility. The non-slip palm improves grip and a water repellent.
We offer women’s smarTouch gloves from ISOTONER in a variety of styles and colors—including new knit and stretch leather®. Designed for superior fit and flexibility, they’re available in multiple sizes.

Men’s smarTouch® gloves are designed for superior fit and flexibility. Men’s gloves are sold in sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large.

The Stretch fit models give you the Best of all worlds! The fit of spandex and the warmth of fleece join together to make these the most comfortable gloves you’ve ever owned. Gathers at the back of the wrist and three pleated draws on the back of the hand also make them great looking. And a conductive thread on each index finger and thumb conveys electrical impulses which allows you to use any touch-screen device without removing your gloves.

The Diamond Grip models are Tech savvy! These attractive gloves feature Jersey palms with a silicon grip in an attractive diamond grid. A conductive thread on each index finger and thumb conveys electrical impulses, which allows you to use any touch-screen device without removing your gloves. The gather at the back of the wrist and fleece lining keep out the cold and keep in the warmth.

Stay warm and connected in ISOTONER smarTouch gloves. Special conductive thread on index fingers and thumbs conveys electrical impulse to your touchscreen device. Stretch fleece sidewalls for flexiblity. Soft fleece lining for superior comfort. Gathered wrists for extraordinary fit. Jersey palm with silcone grip to better hold a cell phone or other touchscreen device.

Wear smarTouch gloves while you text and surf the web on your touch screen device. Thumb and index finger have special conductive thread that work seamlessly with touchscreen devices. Allow you to stay connected even when it’s cold outside.