The DPx HEFT is the bigger, more versatile brother of the original HEST model. Fit with German Sleipner tool steel and hollow removable scales, the knife is ideal for hard use work out in the woods or to protect your life. Available with a 4 or 6 inch blade and in a tactical Assault or camping Woodman configuration, there’s a model to fit everyone’s individual style. You can see these at

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DPx Gear redefined the term “survival knife” with the DPx HEST. Now the Hostile Environment Field Tool® takes our survival concept bigger, harder and longer. DPx HEFT is available in 4″ and 6″, Woodsman and Assault versions.

The new DPx Hostile Environment Field Tool® is for the big tasks. On expeditions, remote hunts or deep in the heart of conflict zones, the DPx HEFT is a trusted companion.

The meaty feel of a Sleipner tool-steel blade in a DPx Gear, field-designed frame is hard to replicate. This brutal-use blade is designed for no-compromise, all-day, all-week hard work. The six-inch blade flows seamlessly into a balanced, 0.2″ / 5mm-thick, 60 Rockwell hardness Sleipner tool-steel blade. The work blade also comes with an innovative strike and pry bar with lanyard hole and lashing points.

A perfect combination of size and utility. The ergonomic handle is designed for hours of intense camp work or combatives without blisters or bruising. Each knife rests beautifully in your hand, the balance superlatively tuned. The chunky scales are solid, balanced and hide a storage compartment in the hollow handle.

This is the HEST’s stouter, bolder four-inch brother with a 4.7mm-thick Sleipner tool-steel blade. This “take to the fight” version delivers more punch in an open-use environment and where the pry bar and concealed use are not as critical. The HEFT 4 features a hollow handle, 4. 7mm-thick 60 Rockwell DPx Sleipner steel blade with frightening cutting ability and blade strength. The new HEFT also comes with an innovative pry bar and lanyard hole—all in a well-thought-out sheath.

A thicker 4mm G10 scale just feels solid, balanced and ready for a day’s work. Get your DPx HEFT in two versions:

Assault: Military and LEO will appreciate the failsafe feel of the HEFT. With black G10 scales with grip and 3D shaping to fill a glove. The sandblasted and silky PVD-coated blade reduces the visual signature to nearly zero. Supplied with a Cordura sheath.

Woodsman: Long-range hunters will enjoy the no-fail design and build. The all-day-cutting, stone-washed blade and Santos wood scales in a traditional hand-worked leather sheath is for those who appreciate a brutal-use knife in the outdoors. Supplied with an Italian leather sheath.