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Survival/Outdoor Knife & Gear Roundup: 9-19-2020

This week we have a link to the past with an iconic knife pattern from Becker Knife & Tool, an American classic from Estwing, a new folder from Ontario, and more. Keep reading below.
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Survival/Outdoor Knife & Gear Roundup: 6-5-2020

We've got a hotly anticipated new Swiss Army Knife to show you this week, along with some cool new L.T. Wright fixed...
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Top 10: Best Neck Knives of 2020

Offering strength and utility in a compact package, if you’ve never carried a neck knife before, here are some good reasons you...
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Survival/Outdoor Knife & Gear Roundup: 5-2-2020

We've got an updated classic to show you this week from SOG, as well as a new fixed blade from Kershaw that...
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Survival/Outdoor Knife & Gear Roundup: 3-21-2020

Uncertain times call for gear you can rely on - gear that can see you through to the other side. We've got...
ESEE-5 and ESEE-6 variants

ESEE Knives Upgrades (Almost) Everything

ESEE Knives just got better, thanks to new 3D machined and contoured handle scales rolling out across their entire line of classic...
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Survival/Outdoor Knife & Gear Roundup: 2-22-2020

If you have wanted more ergonomic handles for your ESEE Knives, the wait is finally over! Read on for the big news,...
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Survival/Outdoor Knife & Gear Roundup: 2-11-2020

Some models never feel old. We've got some great knives this week that still feel as fresh as when they did when...

Survival/Outdoor Knife & Gear Roundup: 12-14-2019

Christmas is less than two weeks away, so with that in mind, this week's roundup features a bunch of items that would...
SOG Terminus XR, CIVIVI Wyvern, CJRB knife

The Best D2 Steel Folding Knives Under $50: PART I

When it comes to blade steel, a rising tide lifts all ships. As new steels get better, the supersteels of yesterday get...