New LionSteel in Stock at the KnifeCenter

LionSteel is an Italian knife company and, if you haven’t heard of them, it’s about time you did. They’re not a new company by any means but are gaining recognition throughout the knife industry for their extremely beautiful and high quality tools. LionSteel, like many companies, has a flagship model which they’re best known for; the SR-1. It’s a large, tactical/combat, frame-lock folder with a wicked 3.7″ blade and a handle made from one solid piece of machined aluminum or titanium. This makes this knife one of the stoutest on the market. LionSteel also manufactures some EDC/gentleman’s folding knives and higher end money clips but they are best known for their recent collaborations with DPx Gear for the HEST Folder and with Spyderco for the LionSpy. Everything is done in-house in Maniago, Italy from design and conception to stamping and finishing to ensure the utmost quality control. See the new LionSteel products at

About LionSteel:

Companies like LionSteel have always dedicated energies, ideas and research to technologies, design and use of materials which are not only of the highest quality but also best suited to the intended use of the knife. For Lionsteel, Italian Design is the incomparable combination of the harmony of forms and functionality of use.

At LionSteel, an artisan is the craftsman that with skilled hands and age-old traditions, crafts, perfects, refines and ennobles one of man’s most ancient companions: the knife. Through the generations, knowledge of the techniques used in crafting the materials has been handed down, together with a passion for this object, man’s friend, which accompanies him in work, sport, hunting, fishing and in all those activities linked with the mountain.

All the components of each single knife are crafted with numeric control machines. The constant machining precision allows us to obtain and guarantee the quality of each single piece. Information technology and technical know-how are by now an integral part of LionSteel’s productive cycle.

However, information technology and technical know-how alone are not enough. The attention and precision that guarantees the absolute quality and reliability of our knives is made possible by the crafting experience of LionSteel’s staff. Each knife contains a “soul”: the experience, work and pride of a whole team.