CRKT Redemption Massive Fixed Blade – Ken Onion Design

CRKT Redemption Massive Fixed Blade - Ken Onion Design

This Columbia River Knife and Tool “First Production” fixed blade Redemption Tactical/Survival Knife definitely has an immediate WOW! factor. Here at KnifeCenter we were all impressed by the overall heft of the knife and the truly unique Ken Onion designed blade. This behemoth combat tactical weapon features G10 handles which provide for a more comfortable feel and ease of use and Includes a nylon sheath with belt loops, a leg strap, and an extra storage pocket. The knife is secured in a removable Kydex liner (simply unscrew one bolt) within the nylon sheath. The black plain blade features a dramatic recurve and is constructed using YK-30 high-carbon steel.

Whether you’re blazing through the jungle, removing unwanted brush from the backyard, or simply wish to impress your pals with this wicked beast of a knife, the Redemption will surely fit the bill. These are sure to move quickly so get yours here ASAP at!!

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DPx Gear HEST II Fixed Blades Woodsman and Assault

DPx Gear HEST II Fixed Blades Woodsman and Assault
DPx Gear HEST II Fixed Blades Woodsman and Assault
DPx Gear and Robert Pelton have released great products over the last year or so. This year promises many more. These first 2 items for 2012 are short-run fixed blade versions of the Hostile Environment Survival Tool (HEST) II fixed blades. One is for the outdoors in general, the woodsman, and the other is black coated for stealth combat use. The handles are removable with storage in them. They are awesome knives and have the DPx signature features, the notch for dealing with hot things around a camp fire, the pointed end of the handle and the wrench cutout.
You can see these new knives at
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Helle Survivor Man Temagami Knives

Helle Survivor Man Temagami Knife

Helle is a very cool company and this new Survivor Man series is great. They make amazing products in Norway that are really world class. They use top quality materials for real world use. The wood they use is extraordinary and people give the steel rave reviews. It gets razor sharp and is easy to sharpen. When you get a Helle knife, it arrives in its cardboard tube and the knife is in its sheath with a cleaning cloth over it. The knife fits nice and snug in the formed leather, Their prices are reasonable for top quality products. These Survivor Man items are new and they seem great with a polished blade and oiled wood handles. The grip feels perfect. These are not fancy knives, but are items to be used and depended upon. You can see them at

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Cold Steel Leatherneck SF Combat Knife

Cold Steel Leatherneck SF

Recently released by Cold Steel, we are proud to offer the incredible Leatherneck! Featuring full-tang construction, the 6 3/4″ high-carbon SK-5 blade is flat ground on both sides-ideal for cutting or slicing. Cold Steel is well known for the toughness of their products, and the Leatherneck just may set a new standard-it’s that solid! The handle is made from extremely grippy, deeply checkered Kraton® material. The Leatherneck also features a machined steel butt cap for use as a hammer or impact tool if necessary. It ships with a sturdy Secure-Ex® sheath, complete with fully detachable and ambidextrous belt loop. Check ’em out at Semper fi!

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Gil Hibben Hibben Sub Hilt Assault Bowie

Gil Hibben Sub Hilt Assault Bowie
Gil Hibben Hibben Sub Hilt Assault Bowie
This is a great sub-hilt combat knife from United Cutlery and designed by the infamous Gil Hibben. It has a Micarta handle that really fits your hand nicely- at least it fits mine which is a medium size. The price is exceptional especially when you compare it to the Cold Steel Black Bear model, although that one is of a much finer quality, made in Japan with San Mai steel. The look is similar, but the similarity doesn’t extend much further. Smith and Wesson came out with a monster subhilt recently that even has this one beat on price, although it doesn’t have Gil Hibben‘s sense of design. This Gil Hibben one is affordable and has a nice, leather sheath included. You can see them at
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United Cutlery SOA Assault Knife

United Cutlery SOA Assault Knife
United Cutlery SOA Assault Knife
United Cutlery puts out an interesting assortment of products. Some are fantasy, some are curiosities and some are decent usable products. This fixed blade SOA (Special Operations Association) model is one of the latter. They are economically produced in China (of course) and have a decent quality of steel (AUS-6) and a great pattern of relief on the Micarta handles. We can market these at $38.95 which is a great price for a decent knife. They have a Kydex sheath with a belt clip. You can see them at
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New Condor Barong Machete

Condor Tool and Knife Barong Machete Carbon Steel Fixed Blade
New Condor Tool and Knife Barong Machete!

The Filipino Barong Machete is a great choice for several reasons. It is longer than most fighting knives without being measurably heavier – making it a favorite of martial arts folks. It’s a very easy and effective weapon to wield. It is also a favorite of outdoorsmen in the know, as it is weighted towards the front of the blade, making it great for clearing foliage tirelessly.

You can see them at

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Boker Plus TUF Urban Fixed Blade

Boker Plus TUF Urban Fixed Blade
Boker Plus TUF Urban Fixed Blade
Boker Knives produces another great fixed blade knife. Once again Boker takes a great and innovative design by some great craftsmen and has it produced at the top quality Asian factories at amazing prices. In short- you get the best designs at the best prices. This knife makes a great camp knife because of its medium size and easy carry options. It will work well in a camp kitchen. It would make a nice bushcraft knife with the wide, flat ground hard steel blade. The shape of this knife is really unique with a great handle made of dark Cocobolo wood that cradles your hand. Blade shape is wide and flat ground. The blade is nicely polished 440C – which is a steel that a lot of users respect quite a bit. The sheath design is also new and innovative. You can see these at

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United Gil Hibben Old West Toothpick Knife 11-7/8″ Blade

United Gil Hibben Old West Toothpick Knife
United Gil Hibben Old West Toothpick Knife 11-7/8″ Blade
United Cutlery has some great products and their Hibben designs are among them. These Old West Toothpicks are well made of good materials and very collectible. The stainless blades won’t rust on your shelf and the workmanship will amaze you.
You can see these Old West Toothpicks at
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Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Wilderness Survival Knife

Ontario Blackbird SK
Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Wilderness Survival Knife
Ontario Knives ventures into the world of Bushcraft with their new Blackbird SK-5 Wilderness survival knife. It’s built like their Ranger and RT series, except it is styles for survival and uses 154CM American stainless instead of 1095 carbon steel. Ontario knives is a premier American knife company.
This is a great American made knife.
You can see these at
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